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Lithium Starter Battery – For A Rapid And Quick Start

Choosing the appropriate marine batteries entails more than just dealing with a reputable brand that your clients can rely on. Even an Excellent battery is only as good as its application and maintenance. This begins, of course, with understanding the distinctions between the two most common types of marine batteries: lithium cranking batteries and deep cycle marine batteries.

Marine Cranking Battery

A marine cranking battery is an excellent choice if you need a boat starting battery. A cranking battery sends electricity to the engine when the ignition switch is turned on, allowing a maritime vessel to start. As a result, these batteries are sometimes referred to as starter batteries. To start a motor, short and intense bursts of energy must be transmitted from the battery.

Lithium-Ion Cranking Battery 

The greater the plate surface area inside the lithium starter battery, the easier it is to provide the necessary power. That is why cranking batteries have a lot of thin plates; they increase surface area and make starting a boat as smooth and reliable as possible.

The same qualities that make a starting battery good for cranking an engine are also less desirable for continuous discharge or “cyclic” use. That is why deep cycle marine batteries are another must-have for boaters.

Why Are Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries A Good Choice?

Lithium batteries were developed in the 1990s and revolutionised the battery industry. One of their eye-catching features is lightweight, dry, and water-resistant. This makes batteries safer and delivers a greater and longer working life than a normal lead-acid battery. Lead-acid batteries were a significant source of environmental damage and could catch fire if spilled.

Furthermore, these batteries have a fixed delivery rate and unneeded power consumption. Lithium batteries are built to withstand a variety of difficulties while providing dependable performance and power generation.

Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Once a boat’s engine is started, it no longer requires the same quick and powerful bursts of energy that a starter battery provides. Instead, the boat needs constant, dependable power for trolling, including running electronics such as sonar, GPS, and radios.

Marine Battery Design 27 series deep cycle battery

Several design differences exist between a deep cycle marine battery and a trolling battery. The battery plate is one significant difference: fewer, thicker plates allow the battery to provide continuous power output for extended periods. Deep cycle batteries, unlike cranking batteries, can be depleted and recharged several times.

Deep cycle marine batteries are far less prone to overheat due to their stronger plate design, which can sustain high temperatures while operating at high currents.

Why Can’t We Use The Same Battery For Cranking And Trolling?

It can be tempting for any boater to reduce the number of accessories and additions to their vessel. However, that approach will cost you more money and time in the long run. It is extremely difficult to combine the performance of a cranking battery and a deep cycle battery into a single battery. They’re both designed to do completely different things. When a cranking battery is put to continuous use (e.g., trolling), it is susceptible to overheating and capacity depletion. In the same way,

when a deep cycle battery is called upon to provide the bursts of energy required to start an engine, it does not always deliver.

Where To Buy Cranking Batteries For Your Vehicle?

Deep Cycle System has been an Australian company in this energy source business for many years. If you are looking for lithium cranking batteries then look no further cause DCS got you all covered.

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